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23 July 2008 @ 11:45 pm
Check This Out


Coming to COMIC-CON this week? Then be sure to stop by the NATIONAL CARTOONIST SOCIETY (NCS) booth (1307/1309) and meet Intellivision Productions President, Blue Sky Ranger KEITH ROBINSON!

Keith, who draws the weekly newspaper comic strip MAKING IT, will be autographing copies of his cartoon collections. He'll also be happy to sign any Intellivision memorabilia you bring by. Exclusively for Comic-Con, he'll be selling and signing a limited-edition reprint of his 1986 cartoon illustration used on the box of the Intellivision game THIN ICE!

And go by the ILLUSIVE ARTS booth (2109) to pick up a copy of the comic book SPARKS, written by Intellivision fan CHRIS FOLINO, writer/director of the movie GAMERS. The comic book features a full page ad for INTELLIVISION. After you get FOLINO to autograph the book, bring it on by the NCS booth and have Keith sign the ad!

Keith will be in the NCS booth Thursday through Sunday. Come on by!


Comic Con Fever - Catch It!

Seriously, you're all probably going to come down with something nasty. It's crowded.
23 July 2008 @ 02:19 am

It’s a whizbang and a SPARK in San Diego this week, as we pull off the greatest Illusive Illusion of our careers!

Riddle me this, Dot-Fans: When is a Convention not a Convention?

When it’s San Diego Comic Con, cuz that place is a freakin’ zoo. Jiminy Criminy.

San Diego is also where we’ll be exhibiting once again this year. Yep, right there on the red carpet in the indy section, you’ll find the proud green Dorothy banner waving once again. Then again, you may not recognize us this time around. That is because we are Illusive! And we use the mighty power... of Illusion!

You must forgive me. It’s late, and we’ve all been watching Doug Henning far too much. Or was it David Copperfield? Maybe David Hasselhoff. I can never tell those guys apart. But the point is: Dorothy, Tony Loco and all your other favorite Illusive Art Entertainment creations will be proudly displayed and sold at Booth 2109, starting Wednesday, July 23 - Preview Night! But you might see some new faces wearing the hawks. I mean, hocking the wares.

Von Ho

We hardly ever wear hawks. Especially when we’re working.

Booth 2109! Where some of the faces you see will belong to our extra-special guests: Catastrophic Comics! William Katt (The Greatest American Hero) and other creators behind the thrilling SPARKS comic will be there with a multitude of comics and posters, plus a special ashcan of a new title they’re announcing. Ooohh....

You’ll also see Derek McCaw of Tony Loco fame with his Fanboy Planet podcast posse.

Derek might wear a hawk.

Or hock a watch. Sorry. I mean, he’ll be watching you like a hawk. To make sure you support quality comics. Because he loves you.

Who won’t you be seeing? Well, that’s a horse of a different color....

Certain legal concerns keep us from specifying what that color might be. But we can tell you that Dorothy writer Mark Masterson will be in West Virginia this weekend, wearing a tuxedo, and he’s very very sorry that he’s staying up late writing things like this when he’d much rather be writing more Dorothy or saying hello to you, his very favorite fan.

Other than that, you’ll have to discover for yourself! Get the juice! Drop on by! Booth 2109 is where the stars shine....
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03 June 2008 @ 09:35 pm
You must check it! Come see our beautiful thinking bucket!

(Scarecrow cosplay head courtesy award-winning 2D Costuming, display and shop courtesy Illusive Comics and Games. For more information on Dorothy, and what the hell's been going on and why do we keep posting these cryptic, infrequent, messages, watch this space.)
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09 May 2008 @ 11:57 am
Sorry, Seattle, but our writer and Chief Communications Official, Mark Anthony Masterson (ideaspace) seems to have had him a heart-related incident involving the emergency room this past Wednesday. No joke. He's okay now, while several powerful new drugs attempt to shape-up his system, but he ain't no-how allowed to put himself in any stressful situations.

SO.... As Anna put it in her journal: "So...after a brief "Company Meeting" it was decided that ideaspace should not travel via plane, help carry heavy-ish boxes to and fro, and not spend 2 days working a middle-sized convention. And thus I ain't goin' neither.

Sorry all but we all likes him being alive-ish. Unless he's becoming a vampire and then it's ok to work towards being dead.

We'll make up for it by having a virtual convention, yeah! Or something."

Please, don't let that stop you from attending and enjoying The Emerald City Comic Con this weekend! Lots of talented people without dangerously high blood pressure will be there, like the guy who does Wondermark Lite, and all the other awesome-bo-bawesome folks they've got on their website. It's a great show, very art-friendly, very intimate.

If you see anyone we need to say hey to, say hey to 'em for us.

And we're working on the new projects, as well as explaining what the frak's happened the past eight months, just as soon as we stop having emergency-room related incidents because of them...

Much love to all the fans of Dot,

P.S. Watch out for LOLDots!
05 March 2008 @ 01:31 am
Seanan knows the Score.

And really, that's the best Wondercon report you're going to see. That's just how it is. Go Team Comics!

(Really, we can't thank our amazing fans enough. (I was going to say "fucking amazing" but this is a family forum) Cosplay, fansongs, flattering caricatures... this is heady stuff. Dorothy continues because people love her. Never forget that.)
03 March 2008 @ 12:09 am
Hey kids! Wondercon Pics!
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14 January 2008 @ 02:25 am
Dude, we totally mean to post something here soon. Really. With info and everything.

* * *
Illusive is as Illusive does.
04 November 2007 @ 09:36 am

Wow, have we got news for you. I mean, we’ve made announcements before, and we’ve promoted conventions before, but this, this is seriously awesome stuff. If you’re a fan of Oz, and you’re a fan of comics (and if you’re not, why are you even reading this?), prepare to shiver with antici... pation.

And delight. Delight and anticipation.

Are you ready? Are you sitting down? Are you wearing your special shivering pants?

This Saturday, November 10th, in beautiful Dana Point, California, USA, the South Winkie Convention of the International Wizard of Oz Fan Club will host a live, in-person, appearance and presentation from legendary artist WILLIAM STOUT!

Dude! That guy is a legend! Check out his website. He’s brilliant! He worked with the Firesign Theater, he draws dinosaurs like whoa, he does these amazing flying monkeys in that, y’know, sort of Berni Wrightson/ House of Secrets style, plus he did design work on the “Muppets’ Wizard of Oz” thing. Not only that, he was the Production Designer on perhaps the greatest zombie film ever made, “Return of the Living Dead!”

So look, the South Winkie Con is a perfect chance to meet the man. He’s done amazing Oz work, incredible film stuff, and at any other appearance he’d be mobbed by crowds. The advantage of South Winkie is that it’s intimate - everyone will be up close and accessible in that marvelous Oz way.

Oh yeah, Illusive Arts will be there, too. You know our stuff. We’d like to see you if you happen to stop by.


The South Winkie Convention will be held from 10 AM to 5 PM at the Dana Point Community House. $15 for adults, $10 for children, includes meals. Reservations are due by November 6.

William Stout also worked on Pan’s Labyrinth. Man.

Illusive Arts Entertainment will be selling Dorothy merch, and hopes to keep the drool off our chin.

Anyone interested in taking one of our Illusive Staff out for lunch, dinner or drinks during the weekend should post here.
26 October 2007 @ 09:41 am
How much do we suck about following up on telling you all about events we've attended? Yeah.

Well, this time, someone helped me with some of the work on this. Here is a blog entry about about me, with a photo of a nice sideglance from moi, and a with (from left to right) Mark Masterson, Mike Wellman, me, Oscar and Josh Dysart.

And the same blogger covered Mark as well. Isn't that nice?

We had a good time, even though it was much warmer than we expected. We ran into several old friends from Whittier College, which was wonderful. I saw a panel with Bill Willingham, James Jean and Matthew Sturges. Got their autographs and didn't gush. (I'm particularly proud of that point).

Um... yeah. What else? Can't recall. Mark can step in here and add stuff, if he is so inclined.
10 October 2007 @ 08:56 am


Santa Clara, CA (October 2007) -- Illusive Comics & Games, formerly known as Brian's Books, will host a grand opening celebration this Saturday, October 13, 2007, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. To kick off the festivities, they have invited Mark Anthony Masterson and Ray Boersig, both members of the avant-garde, ace production team of the innovative CGI-based comic book "Dorothy," to sign comics and tell stories all day long. You can find the shop at 2725 El Camino, Suite 105, or just follow the screams of delight.

But wait, there's more! Apparently the crack management team at Illusive Comics & Games pulled some strings so that even more amazing comic creators will be on hand for signings:

Josh Dysart (Swamp Thing, Violet Messiahs)
Rafael Navarro (Sonambulo, animator for The Batman and Scooby Doo cartoons)
Mike Wellman (Mac Afro, Start Trek The Manga)

While the store strives to serve South Bay comic fans just like predecessor Brian's Books, Illusive Arts Entertainment has world domination in mind.

“I want my store to be comic book fan and family friendly,” says co-owner Anna Warren Boersig. “But I want my publishing company to kick ass and take names. We're doing our best to build fan loyalty and create an army of art lovers who will stop at nothing to share our incredible storytelling with every corner of the earth.”

"Letting people meet our wonderful creators and gain insight into the madness of production is one link in the mighty chain," she added. "Plus, it's an excuse to party."


Illusive Arts Entertainment is a multimedia dream factory that absolutely can't say no beauty. Based in the Bay Area, they currently produce the critically acclaimed comics "Dorothy" and "Tony Loco."

For more information about Illusive Arts Entertainment, visit www.illusivearts.com.


Illusive Comics & Games, located in Santa Clara, Calif., carries an extremely wide variety of independent and mainstream titles, with a large amount of back stock that includes golden and silver age comics. There is an art gallery, gaming area, and plenty of room for signings along side the toys, games and San Jose Sharks memorabilia.

Illusive Comics is the only female-owned comic shop in Santa Clara County. Despite the fact that Anna is an owner in both enterprises and they happen share the word "Illusive" in their names, and deal in the comic book industry, they are, in fact, completely separate businesses.

For more information about Illusive Comics & Games, visit www.illusivecomics.com.


Anna Warren Boersig
Illusive Comics & Games
2725 El Camino Real, Suite 105
Santa Clara, CA 95051

(naked photos of the comics and lunch are available upon request)