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25 May
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Dorothy is a full color comic published by Illusive Arts Entertainment, LLC. In this space will appear words that describe the comic and its creators, including many phrases of varying lengths, as well as verbs and nouns.

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We released Dorothy Chapter 1: The Cyclone on May 25th, 2004. The first run sold out, but a 2nd printing (with a new Mannino cover) is currently available on-line. Chapter 2: Lost became available through our website in October 2004. In 2005, Dorothy made her big debut at your local comic book store, and there was much rejoicing. Issue 1 dropped in January 2005, Issue 2 wandered in around March and Chapter 3: How Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth surprised us in May. Chapter 4: The Fool shipped mid-September, to the relief of many. Chapter 5 arrived in March 2006 with the title "Echoes of a Road". Chapter 6 introduced the "Tin Man" character in July 2006, in a story we just had to call "HEARTLESS." February 2007 took us down the wild side of the road with Chapter 7: "Red In Tooth and Claw."

October 2005 saw the release of a collected edition, Dorothy Vol. 1. This trade paperback will certainly get you some admiring glances from intelligent and discerning people, should you choose to read it in a place where such folk gather. It furthermore contains the first four stunning and iconoclastic issues, from Kansas to Oz, from being a runaway to really running away, a cover gallery, and an introduction by a former president of the International Wizard of Oz Fan Club. You can order this Now, right this hot-diggity minute, through your local comics shop and Amazon.com.

Chapters VII and IX are currently in production.

This is a shared Journal, updated and maintained by all us happy Emerald laborers in the Idea Mines of Ilusive Arts Entertainment. As a chronicle of the work and madness that goes into producing an independent comic book, it sometimes lags in content when we're actually, y'know, producing a comic book. Don't let that fool you! We're always thinking of new ways to let you see what happens behind the curtain...

We also entertain and welcome mail, especially that which contains language.

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